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This project is powered by scientific work "Forecasting macroeconomic effects of stablecoin adoption: A Bayesian approach" by Perper Team, which analyzes the effect of stablecoin adoption on key macroeconomic factors in Montenegro. The main explanation for the adoption of stablecoins is their one-to-one peg to various currencies and commodities. Previous studies have relied on the relationships among cryptocurrencies and thus could not disentangle the country-level macroeconomic effects of stablecoins from the effects of other cryptocurrencies. Using data from January 2006 to December 2019, we decompose the correlation between cryptocurrencies and their effects on the economy due to (a) shocks to stablecoins and (b) shocks to Bitcoin. Contrary to assumptions, stablecoins do not maintain their peg in “crash times” but do promote economic growth. Bitcoin's volatility deanchors investor expectations, disrupts markets, and destabilizes key macroeconomic factors. Our novel findings indicate that stablecoin adoption should not be based only on a one-to-one assumption and reveal the mechanism of key gaps by a prudential authority.
Click here for full study.
Click here Whitepaper document.

How does Perper Application work

  • It’s PEGGED One for One EURO.
  • The substituted EUROS are held in Reserve.
  • This guarantees that each Perper is backed by EURO.
  • Perper is founded by Upbeathub in Montenegro, Europe in 2019.
  • Coded and supported by Ravencoin.World Blockchain Lab and Upbeathub team.
  • To get Perper you send EURO to the Our Company bank account, exchange your credit card balance into Perper, exchange your Crypto coins into Perper and reverse.
  • You will get on your Perper wallet Equivalent amount of Perper stable coins. But, what’s the point?
  • Perper is Tokenizing EUROS and Putting them on the Blockchain.
  • This makes EUROS Easier to Transfer as they can be moved anywhere in the world INSTANTLY.
  • EURO on the other side moves relatively slowly.
  • Download Perper Wallet Application, Register and Verify your account.
  • Get Unique User ID (easy recognized by people), send Perper to your family and friends, employees, Plummer..., via QR code if they’re with you, or via User ID where ever they are.
  • Pay and Get paid on e-Commerce, in Supermarkets, Coffee shops, Restaurants, Various shops, buy Air Tickets, Pay for Taxi, ect. ect.
  • And keep on your mind that all data is stores on the Blockchain and cannot reversed. The security is absolute.
  • The Perper Wallet Application will also feature a number of exciting and innovative functionalities that are currently being developed and will be added to the app as soon as possible. These functionalities include an NFT Marketplace, which will allow users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets on the blockchain, an AI GPT-3 Chat, which will enable users to access cutting-edge natural language processing technology for a variety of tasks such as language translation and text summarization, as well as a Translator, which will make it easy for users to communicate with others around the world, regardless of language barriers. These additional features will provide users with even more ways to engage with the Perper ecosystem and further enhance the utility and convenience of the application. In addition to the existing features, the Perper team is constantly working to improve the user experience and add new functionalities to the wallet.

Long story short

The Perper project has the goal of digitally transforming Montenegro and making it ready for the complete adoption of blockchain and AI technologies. This could involve a number of different initiatives, such as developing and implementing blockchain- based solutions for various industries, educating the public and businesses about the benefits and potential uses of blockchain technology, and working with government and regulatory bodies to create a supportive environment for the adoption of blockchain technology, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (artificial intelligence). The Perper project aims to play a foundational role in the adoption and development of blockchain and AI technologies in Montenegro, and potentially influence the direction of the country's future blockchain economy and financial system.

Revenue plan

The Perper project is generating revenue from a number of sources:

  • Fees for stablecoin transfers - far lower than credit card payment processors fees
  • Fees for the use of banners on the wallet
  • Fees from the Future Programmable conditional payments
  • Fees from the Crypto Exchange Module
  • Fees from the Metaverse Spots
  • Fees from using AI services
  • Fees from the future Metaverse Land Sales and from it's Future Ecosystem

Innovation time allowance to demonstrate other functionality. The Perper team is focused on creating a sustainable business model that leverages a range of innovative technologies and services.

Perun Token

Perun Token is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Polygon network, which is a second layer scaling solution built on top of the Ethereum network. Perun Token has a specific utility and is intended to be used within the Perper ecosystem.

Perun Token can be used to pay for various services and features on the Perper ecosystem, such as access to premium features, staking, and other network services. It can also be used to incentivize users to participate in the network and contribute to its growth and development.

Perun Token is implemented as an ERC-20 token, which means that it follows the Ethereum standard for creating and implementing tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it compatible with a wide range of wallets and other Ethereum-based tools and services.

Overall, Perun Token is an important tool for incentivizing participation and contributing to the growth and development of the Perper ecosystem. It is designed to provide fast, secure, and low-cost transactions and services for users within the Perper ecosystem.

Perun Token Only Official Address: 0x2D4fE9475e284530Eb029bf0Dbf78d089244A306

Perun Token Vesting Smart Contract: 0xAE10F9c413E3445b694D8F5704064cF1846E801b

* The coding and marketing teams reserves the right to offer swapping their Perun tokens into USDT before the official Perun Token sales in order to improve coding by hiring new coders and to increase awareness by using the token to boost the marketing campaign through advertising companies as soon as possible. This can help to ensure the success of the Perper project by improving the quality of the coding and increasing awareness of the project and token among potential users and investors.

Perun Token Marketing & Development Team Only Official Address: 0x9071c4F572Bb7ed74fA7Fb93C42dA761034961c8


The citizens of Montenegro will get 20% of the whole emission of Perper Utility Tokens - Perun, Minted by Perper Team.

Perun will give certain rights to Token owners.

Total Supply of Perper Utility Tokens - Perun is 21 000 000 Tokens.

Total Supply of Tokens Reserved for Airdrop is 4 200 000.

Requirements for Airdrop:

Download Perper Application and do KYC

Android App Download link:

iOS App Download link:

Under Verification by Apple

Windows App Download link:



Citizens of Montenegro under Age of 12

Citizens of other countries

Citizens who did not Install Perper Application within 2 Years from March 31. 2023 – Project Official Launch Date

Perper ERP Integration

Perper is proud to be working with leading software accounting companies in Montenegro to develop an ERP software solution that integrates Perper payments functionality. This integration will enable businesses to seamlessly accept Perper payments without having to switch to a different payment processing system or software.
The software accounting companies involved in developing the ERP solution with Perper have thousands of terminals in Montenegro, which can potentially cover most businesses in the country. This means that businesses will be able to start accepting Perper payments right away once the integration is complete, which can help accelerate the adoption of Perper as a payment option.

B2B Solutions

Perper White Label and Blueprint Solutions: Expanding Decentralization and Democracy in Blockchain

As we continue to advance and expand our project, one of our newest initiatives is the development of both white-label and blueprint solutions for the Perper ecosystem. Recognizing the need to further decentralize and democratize the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we are offering companies and organizations the opportunity to adopt our technology and customize it to fit their unique needs.

Through the Perper white-label and blueprint solutions, we aim to empower local and smaller players in the market, making blockchain technology more accessible and widespread. This is especially significant in areas where blockchain adoption is still in its early stages or where regulatory barriers make it difficult for local businesses to participate in the cryptocurrency industry.

Our white-label and blueprint solutions will include all the key features of Perper, including our hybrid wallet, NFT marketplace, AI integration, smart contracts, and future fintech technologies. This allows businesses to leverage the cutting-edge technology we have developed, while also adapting it to their specific use cases and target audience.

Fees collected from the white-label and blueprint solutions will be used to further support the Perper project. Specifically, they will be directed towards the buyback and burn program of Perun tokens, contributing to the value and scarcity of our native cryptocurrency. This aligns the interests of white-label and blueprint customers, Perun token holders, and the broader Perper community, creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

In this way, we are not only expanding the reach of Perper but also fostering a more decentralized and democratic blockchain landscape worldwide. Our white-label and blueprint initiatives underscore our commitment to innovation, accessibility, and community-driven growth in the blockchain industry.


  • Advisor Team

  • PhD Andrej Mihailovic
    Advisor & Researcher Consultant
    Researcher and Lecturer Kings College London

  • PhD Martin Bojaj

  • PhD Milica Muhadinovic

  • PhD Candidate Andrej Bracanovic
    Legal advice

  • MSc Mladen Radulovic

  • Igor Milosevic
    Advisor and Perper Project Co-Founder

  • Sanda Rakocevic
    Advisor and Perper Project Co-Founder

  • Ivan Jolicic
    Perper Project Co-Founder
  • Core Coding Team

  • Ivan Jolicic
    Blockchain Architect

  • Marko Masanovic
    Nodejs and React Native

  • Savo Lekic
    Blockchain, Nodejs, ReactJS and Solidity

  • Petar Nikic
    Interface Designer

  • Stevan Krstic
    Blockchain, Golang, DevOps

  • Hakija Ljuca
    Artist Developer

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